Reduce your carbon footprint. Amplify your impact.

Your purchase of CO₂ Forestry carbon credits helps to reduce your carbon footprint. It also supports forestry projects that:

  • Protect biodiversity hotspots and endangered species
  • Support sustainable livelihoods
  • Restore the world’s carbon balance

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from every carbon credit sold is donated to support the rainforest replanting and rebuilding efforts of Iracambi, our Brazilian partner.

When you purchase our forestry carbon credits, your offsets are retired through the APX Environmental Registry. CO2 Forestry then provides you certification and documentation of your offsets.

Thank you for doing YOUR PART to reduce your carbon emissions and protect the planet.

High-Quality Carbon Credits

Our carbon credits meet the highest standards for carbon credits and for assessing social and environmental benefits.

VCS: Verified Carbon Standard
CCB Standards
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